Q: Will my vise fit with a Flystone?

A: As long as the post of the vise is 3/8" in diameter or smaller it will work. Most manufacturers have made this an industry standard. If you have a vise larger than 3/8" please contact before ordering.


 Q: Will the stone base scratch my table?

A: No, we put rubber feet on the bottom of each Flystone so it is safe for any surface.


Q: My vise does not fit. Now what do we do?

A: If you are using a vise that is not 3/8" in diameter and you had not reached out to me to tell me what size it needs to be do not panic. Just send the insert only back to me and I'll get another insert sent your way.


Q: I just purchased a Flystones base. When will it get to my door?

A: If you order Monday to Friday before 12:00 PM eastern, your Flystone will be shipped out the same day as ordering.

If you order AFTER 12:00 PM Monday to Thursday your Flystone will be shipped the next day.

If you order on Friday after 12:00 PM your item will not be shipped out until Monday morning.

 Q: My Flystone showed up broken. Now what?

A: Flystones are created out of natural stone and there are cracks and fissures through each and every one made. It's possible during shipping for one to break. Keep the packaging, take pictures and I'll start the insurance process. In the meantime I will create one as close to the broken one as possible and ship it out. Email me with any problems.

 Q: I want to return my Flystone. How do I do that?

A: In the event you want to return a Flystone (not sure why because they are awesome) a few guidelines must be met. You MUST send it back to me in an INSURED box (Medium Flat Rate seems the best) with as much padding/stuffing/protective material as possible. You are responsible for the shipping price.

Once I receive the Flystone back and upon inspection if nothing is broken you will receive a full refund (per initial invoice). If anything is broken, scratched or damaged to the point where it cannot be put back up for sale, I will inform you with pictures and you then must make a claim with the post office (Keep your insured receipt in case this happens) They will refund you the money owed. 

 Q: What is the difference between the regular stones and polished?

A: A chiseled edge done by hand is how the majority of the stones come on the page. The edges have been knocked down with diamond bit polishing pads to soften the sharp edges. This is a natural stone and some parts on the edge of the stone may dislodge over time with heavy use so always take care when touching the chiseled edge of the stones. Flystones assumes no responsibility for potential injuries caused by the chiseled granite. 

The polished edges are just that. They are polished with diamond pads to match the top with an eased edge as you would find on a countertop.