George M. Daniel - http://www.livinonthefly.com/ Back to back USA National Fly Fishing Champion, and top 5 world performer. George owns and operates Livin On The Fly LLC- a guide/educational service company located near State College, PA. George is the author of Dynamic Nymphing and Strip-Set, while also contributing to other great fly fishing books and publications.

"As a guy on a the run who never knows the next spot he'll be fishing or tying flies next...I was looking for sturdy and attractive base for my regal vises. The problem I have with most pedestal bases is their lack of stability due to even the slightest bit of pressure often tipping of moving the vise. While the added weight of the Fly Stone base is too much for airplane travel...it provides a solid anchor to any table I tie on, which makes the tying process that much more enjoyable. My wife liked the base so much that all members of my family now have a Fly Stone base for all our regal vises. - George M. Daniel

 Rich Strolis -  www.catchingshadows.com 

Rich owns and operates his own business where he was primarily a guide for 13 years. He is currently known for his worldly fly patterns, and as a custom fly tyer, signature fly designer for the Montana Fly Company, American Museum Of Flyfishing Ambassador and a host of other flyfishing related attributes. Rich is the auther of Catching Shadows, Tying flies for the toughest fish and strategies for fishing them, while also contributing to other great flyfishing books and publications. Rich will be back in the business of guiding full time once again within the next two years.

As a custom commercial tyer, I think I have literally tied a fly on just about every vise imaginable. Every year I find myself tying tens of thousands of flies for people all over the globe and there is simply nothing worse than a vise that doesn’t stay put on my desk. I have tried every configuration known; clamps, pedestals you name it, and the only pedestal that actually stays in place even when I am putting maximum pressure on my vise is my flystone granite base. There are two constants in my tying workshop; my Regal Revolution and my Fly Stone granite base. The secondary byproduct of the base’s functionality is it looks pretty darn cool and always draws up a conversation whenever I am teaching a class or at a flyfishing/tying show.” -Rich Strolis


David Rothrock -  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001152123736

Dave Rothrock is a part-time guide and fly fishing and casting instructor (Salmo Trutta Enterprises). His articles have appeared in Fly Fisherman, American Angler, and Pennsylvania Angler magazines as well as other publications. His fly patterns have graced the pages of various publications, books, and calendars. He has presented programs on fly-fishing related topics to groups throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada and was previously an instructor in the L. L. Bean fly fishing schools. He lives in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.

"I've always been on the lookout for a vise base that would meet all of my desires. The base must allow for ease of set-up and take-down, hold the vise stem solidly in place and, once placed on a surface, it must stay in place. To me, there's nothing more frustrating than having my vise move around while I'm manipulating materials on a hook. Enter Flystones vise bases. What sets these bases apart from others is that there are two separate parts: the base and the insert. Unlike other pedestal bases which have a neck into which the vise stem is inserted as an inseparable part of the base, the Fly base insert is an attachment which, when removed, allows for a complete flat surface which makes it very easy to pack for transportation. Further, the tier has a variety of inserts from which to choose. When it comes to stability these bases can't be beat. To eliminate any possibility of the base scratching a table surface there are small feet on the underside. These feet, along with the weight of the base contribute greatly to the base holding in place. While the Flystones vise base provides all the qualities I want in a base there's a bonus: They're incredibly eye-pleasing. The Flystones vise base is a great compliment to my HMH Standard vise. My only concern is that when I'm demonstrating fly-tying those those who stand on the other side of the table may be more taken with the beauty of the base than my fly! " -David Rothrock


Tom Herrhttps://www.artisticflytying.com/ Established, Well known Atlantic Salmon Fly Artist

"I was looking for a granite base for quite a while and although there may be others that would have suited me - I turned to Flystones and I am very glad I did. With the traveling and shows that I am involved in - the quality and craftsmanship of these bases are unmatched. So many thanks for providing me with such a quality product. You guys are great to work with!" -Tom Herr


Eunan Hendron - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008453538531 Classic style flies – winged wet flies, Rangeley (Maine) style streamers and Atlantic salmon flies

"I needed a custom base for my Cottarelli Vise. I requested specific granite base dimensions that would allow my full use of the features of the vise. Chris came through with a beauty of a base. The spindle holds my Cottarelli vise and my Regal equally well and I can conveniently interchange the two vise stems depending on what style of fly I'm tying. I couldn't be happier with this base. It is heavy,  stays in place and is strikingly beautiful. Craftsmanship at its finest! Thanks for a great product." - Eunan Hendron


Bill Kosmerhttp://tcotrouttales.blogspot.com/ https://lakutaia.com/en/embajadores/

Flyfishing guide, photographer, writer, ambassador

"I was looking for a presentable base for fly tying demonstrations and for something more aesthetically pleasing and useful than the normal stock base that comes with most vises. I was really interested in a nice granite base that not only looked good, but provided some extra weight to keep the vise in place when tying larger flies and streamers. While there are a few different options on the market, the color selection and attention to detail, especially in regards to the options and quality of the inserts, was readily apparent with the Flystone bases. I’ve really enjoyed tying with my base, thanks for making such a quality product." – Bill Kosmer